Founded in Lebanon in 1988, Caretek sal is a leading name in the sales, servicing and marketing of medical and laboratory equipment in Lebanon, the Middle East and Europe. For three decades, Caretek has represented some of the industry’s most prominent international companies and brands and is consistently developing its range of products, brands and services to ensure its clients have access to the best possible choices in the industry. Focused on creating viable turnkey solutions, Caretek has become the leader in providing hospitals, medical care institutions, universities, industries and governments with an extensive range of medical and laboratory equipment.

From servicing the medical, laboratory and educational didactic fields to offering a state-of-the-art service and repair center, Caretek offers a comprehensive and professional service that supports its clients with top of the range products and equipment to help them, help others.

About The Group

Caretek is a part of a group of companies, including Droguerie de L'union, Algorithm, and CIS.

The Group is involved in the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals and specialty products with direct presence in 17 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. With extensive experience in the promotion and distribution of hospital supplies in Lebanon, the Group leads the market with names such as B-Braun Medical (pumps, cannulas, anesthesia products), Aesculap (surgical motors and instruments) and GE Healthcare (contrast media). Operating from Dubai, UAE, and Beirut, Lebanon, over 500 professionals are employed, between the four companies.

CIS (Information Systems Lebanon) is a leading information systems supplier in Lebanon with activities in Africa and Europe. CIS is proud of its experience in distribution and integration of solutions, products and services in the ICT market, providing customized turnkey solutions and professional after sales services to their customers.

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